Working In The Age Of APIs & Generative AI: Understanding The Relationship and Benefits

Hosted by BJSS

In the current digital age, APIs and Generative AI (GenAI) are increasingly used to drive operational efficiency. The user experience is significantly influenced by the use of GenAI and management of APIs to deliver the best experience for the end user, leading to loyalty.

Most organisations are facing a pivotal moment in their growth journey, balancing customer expectations for personalised service with rising operational costs, new risks, and increased competition.

BJSS and partner Google Cloud believe GenAI will revolutionise the way we create and use APIs, triggering exponential growth. With APIs, organisations can integrate AI models into their applications and workflows. This enables new conversational experiences, self-integrating B2B business models, and AI-assisted development to support the growing needs of organisations and customers.

Join Google Cloud Apigee expert, Antony Lewis as he delves into all things API. This webinar is for technical leads and senior leaders looking to gain greater insights into the business implications of GenAI and API management. We will explore:

  • How to achieve value at scale
  • Overcoming API challenges to meet business demands
  • How to scale GenAI with APIs
  • Using APIs to secure AI models
  • Cost controls and monetisation of APIs in AI

Unlock the potential of GenAI for your organisation, register for our webinar and discover how to transform your API strategy and scale innovation.

AI & Machine Learning, Business Support Services & E-commerce, Coding & Software Development
Working In The Age Of APIs & Generative AI: Understanding The Relationship and Benefits
16th May 2024 10:30am - 11:00am
Hosted by BJSS

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