Nature Tech Expo 2024

Hosted by NatureTech

Nature Tech is the engine that will power nature recovery and nature-based solutions to help achieve net-zero and climate resilience for the future. This UK-focused event will explore the use of a broad set of technologies, from data processing and mapping, to AI, machine learning, e-acoustics, eDNA, gaming, visualisation, and virtual reality.

Join leaders and experts to discover how Nature Tech is already:

  • Enabling project developers to model and measure nature-based solutions and nature recovery at scale across land and water habitats.
  • Enabling organisations to measure their nature risks and dependencies and embed nature into their business models.
  • Enabling private funders and investors to measure and report on their positive impact.
  • Enabling public engagement through citizen science, VR and gaming.

For full event details, please visit the booking link here.

Individuals and organisations local to Leeds can take advantage of a 25% discount offer by entering “leedslocal25” at checkout.

AI & Machine Learning, Sustainability & Net Zero
Nature Tech Expo 2024
25th Jun 2024 9:00am - 5:00pm
Hosted by NatureTech
Aspire, 2 Infirmary St, Leeds, LS1 2JP

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