Data localisation and tech evolution at scale

Hosted by DWP Digital

Calling all Leeds based engineers, developers and digital gurus! Join us for a meet-up at the newly refurbished Hippo Digital, Leeds, to network with other developers over food and drinks.

The event will kick off with a session on ‘Introduction to MongoDB Developer Data Platform’ by MongoDB Community Champion Kevin Smith.

Next, you will hear from Sam Brown, Senior Solutions Architect at MongoDB to learn about ‘Data Localisation’ – a crucial aspect of data management in today’s global business landscape.

We’ll follow that with a session from Paul Brennan, Head of Architecture, Universal Credit DWP Digital titled: ‘Tech Evolution at Scale – a look inside Universal Credit.’

Paul will provide insights into how Universal Credit has leveraged MongoDB to improve its digital infrastructure and modernize its technology stack.

There will also be plenty of games and swag prizes to be won.

Data, Social & Networking
Data localisation and tech evolution at scale
30th Nov 2023 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Hosted by DWP Digital
Hippo Digital Ltd, Aire Street, Leeds, UK

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