Creating your community for effective growth

Hosted by BR-DGE

A lot has been said in recent years about the role of community in an effective B2B marketing strategy.

When done well, events are one of the most crucial tools used in an effective community building B2B marketing strategy. The pandemic taught us just how valuable it is to be in a room with people and how this cannot be replaced as an effective B2B growth strategy. As we continue to navigate the ever-changing rules around Google cookies, Facebook ads, LinkedIn reach and so on and so forth, it’s obvious that building your own community is one of the best ways to find, engage and support our clients.

However, if your focus on community building is simply the ROI for your bottom line, you’re doing it wrong.

Businesses that will thrive in the future will be focused on much more than profit. People and planet will be just as important, and more businesses will adopt the triple bottom line as the metric by which to understand success.

When it comes to community building, it’s about so much more than making a sale, hitting a target, reaching a KPI. It’s about people truly connecting with and helping each other and the planet.

In this talk, Kate will share more about how you can find and build your community, and why it’s the most powerful and purposeful marketing tool.


The Leeds Marketing Meetup is an informal, friendly place for the marketers of Leeds to meet, learn, and share knowledge with one another. Come in ‘listen’ not ‘sell’ mode 🙂

We’re back in the lovely Glean offices for this one. We just want to get together, say hello, have a chat, and have a nice time.

Think of this as a community event, where the focus is very much on you meeting other people in a chilled out friendly space. We’ll chat over food and drink, listen to an inspirational speaker or two, chat some more, and go home buzzing with new contacts and new ideas.

Let’s have a lovely night in the company of some amazin’ people.

Speakers Include:

Marketing & PR, Social & Networking
Creating your community for effective growth
19th Sep 2023
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Hosted by BR-DGE
Glean 4 The Boulevard, Leeds Leeds LS10 1PZ

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