Bridging the divide: Addressing the Digital Skills Gap in the Public Sector

Hosted by AND Digital

Why is Digital Transformation so difficult to sustain in the public sector? If we bridge the gap in digital skills, can we achieve the digital competency required for transformation?

When looking at the digital literacy required to close this gap, it is notable that only 56% of public sector employers believe their employees have access to the digital skills they require.

But with only 4% of civil servants in digital roles (whilst the average throughout private sector organisations is 10%), the issue appears not only to apply to upskilling, but also the available roles in the public sector digital talent pool.

At our event, we will bring together a panel of experts to discuss how we can address these issues and move forward to encourage efficiency, productivity and high-performing teams.

Our speakers will share their insights on the importance of upskilling existing employees and attracting new talent to the public sector, as well as exploring the negative impact of the digital skills gap on the delivery of public services.

Join our expert panel on 28th March at 11am to hear what they think we need to do and how we can all be a part of the solution!


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Panel Interview

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Careers & Education, Diversity & Inclusion
Bridging the divide: Addressing the Digital Skills Gap in the Public Sector
28th Mar 2023 11:00am - 11:45am
Hosted by AND Digital

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