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For women in technology, access to leadership and career progression come with their own challenges – WILD and BJSS are hosting an event to help break down that barrier.

A report on attrition for women in technology by Tech Talent Charter found that career progression is the third most reported reason for women leaving their careers in technology. Networking is one of the most valuable skills you can have to unlock the next steps in your career – it helps you to find new opportunities, learn from others, and build meaningful relationships.

There are so many networking opportunities across the Leeds tech scene, so why can it be so hard? Well, networking can be daunting, stressful and intimidating, especially for women and those from underrepresented groups. That’s why WILD and BJSS have joined forces to bring an event to Leeds that will elevate your networking skills and provide an opportunity to make connections with others in the industry.

Founded in Leeds, WILD’s vision is to create a more diverse, inclusive and supportive environment for everyone in the digital industry. Part of this involves organising events where you can develop your skills, confidence and career, while also advocating for change by raising awareness of the challenges that prevent inclusion in the digital sector. For this, they’ve teamed up with BJSS, a leading technology and engineering consultancy that is committed to diversity and inclusion.

What can you expect from the event?

Sarah Tulip, founder of WILD, and Ashley Smith, founder of Women in Tech York. They’ll be speaking about their experiences and sharing their top tips for networking in tech. 

You will learn all about best practices and pick up a few tips for effective networking – that includes preparation and research. Before the event, you’re encouraged to familiarise yourself with the event’s agenda, speakers and attendees in advance. While it might seem obvious, this way you can identify people you’d like to connect with and consider any topics that may be discussed. 

You might even want to think of a self-introduction beforehand, which you can use to start those all-important conversations with potential future connections. Think about:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • What you’re looking to get out of the event.

The event will also look at common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid when networking. There’ll be opportunities to practise your skills with other attendees and get feedback and advice from the hosts and speakers themselves. This is all to leave you feeling more confident, prepared and motivated to network and make good connections.

If you want to brush up on your networking skills, sign up here.

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