Spotlight On: Jonathan Asquith

Jonathan Asquith / Jungle IT
  • Author Antonia Gifford, Leeds Digital

  • 11.06.2024

This week we shine a light on Jonathan Asquith, Founder and CEO of Jungle IT. Watch the full interview to hear about his career in tech, innovation and useful advice.

Welcome back to our Spotlight Series, where we shine a light on some of the brightest minds in the technology sector in the Leeds City Region. This week, we spoke to Jonathan Asquith, Founder and CEO of Jungle IT.

Jungle IT delivers complete IT strategies that help companies navigate technological change and create the best conditions for success. They take businesses from reacting to preparing with confidence. 

Jonathan’s job as a CEO is to think about the problems the company might be fixing for customers in two years’ time, making sure they launch, enable, and galvanise the team to make sure those objectives are met. 

“It’s about asking ‘what is the human element or problem we’re trying to fix?’ That’s what technology is really. As I grew into this career a little bit more, we saw the technical confusion that we see in a lot of SMEs, and it’s about fixing problems around that. Human bits first, technology second.”

During this sit-down spotlight interview, you’ll learn more about: 

  • What inspired Jonathan to pursue a career in tech: As an ‘anomaly’, he focuses on what the human element is that they’re trying to fix. 
  • How Jungle IT approaches innovation: “Innovation is incremental, not radical.”
  • Why Leeds is such a thriving hub for tech businesses: The region has an appetite for technology. 
  • Advice: Finding something you’re good at, and finding something that fulfills the brief you’re looking to conquer. 
  • The importance of a good team: “They’re just awesome!”

Join us for this engaging talk with Jonathan.

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