Spotlight On: Gareth Scargill

  • Author Antonia Gifford, Leeds Digital

  • 04.06.2024

In this episode, we spotlight Gareth Scargill, Director at Nexus, University of Leeds Innovation Hub. His mission is to gather industry and academia to create a collision of ideas and opportunities. Read on to learn more about Nexus and his unique perspective on Leeds and the tech industry.

Welcome back to a new episode of our interview series, showcasing the best and brightest minds in Leeds! 

This week, we’re shining a spotlight on Gareth Scargill, Director at the University of Leeds’ Innovation Hub, Nexus

Nexus facilitates research and innovation, ensuring that their members can access world-leading and post-graduate research in (not limited to) HealthTech, Smart Cities, and FinTech – the three strengths of our region and the strengths of Leeds University. Nexus brings it all together under one roof and ‘makes the magic happen’! 

About Gareth:

As a Director of the region’s largest Innovation Hub, Gareth’s background actually started in Health and Fitness, spending 10 years working for health clubs. He stumbled into the innovation arena by becoming a General Manager of an Innovation Centre based in Oxford, and then became a Commercial Director for a portfolio of 30 innovation centres. After 12 years, Gareth came back to Yorkshire to lead the team at Nexus, bringing his national expertise back to Leeds to help Nexus members. 

“I’m not an academic, I’m not a scientist or an innovator. But my role is to facilitate those who are, and help make their ideas and dreams a reality.” 

In this interview, you’ll find out: 

  • How Nexus approaches innovation and stays ahead of emerging technologies: As the facilitator of innovation, it’s crucial to understand the way that Nexus works with their members to integrate knowledge sharing and access to the tech community. 
  • Details of exciting projects: Working with WYCA (West Yorkshire Combined Authority), Innovative Entrepreneurs is a funded programme that Nexus are leading to provide 5 cohorts of up to 20 businesses over a year to access academics, industry experts, and the wider ecosystem in a learning environment that gets them pitch ready. 
  • The role innovation-led businesses have in the growth of the regional economy: Hint – they’re absolutely key. 
  • Pursuing a career in the tech industry in Leeds: Get advice and understand what support is available to you in the Leeds City Region. 
  • The importance of levelling-up: Understand how Gareth thinks the levelling-up agenda can be progressed. 

Tune in for this insightful discussion with Gareth. Find out more about his career journey and how Nexus is helping businesses to thrive. 

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