Spotlight On: Joe Roche

  • Author Stephany Reid, Leeds Digital

  • 21.05.2024

In this week’s episode, dive into an interesting conversation with Joe Roche, General Manager at FinTech North, covering everything from growth of the industry in Leeds to their upcoming projects.

Meet Joe Roche, General Manager at FinTech North. A proud northerner with a non-STEM background, Joe has successfully carved out a career in the tech industry.

In this episode, Joe discusses the size and relevance of Financial Technology (FinTech) in the North of the UK, and why Leeds has become a thriving hub for tech businesses.

“FinTech in Leeds is worth over £700 million every year GVA For the UK economy. There’s over a hundred FinTech firms in Leeds and so much of Fintech in the UK is B2B – about 80% of it is B2B.”

Tune in to discover how FinTech North fosters community collaboration across the region, the organisation’s origins in the Leeds Digital Festival, their innovative approach, and their current projects.

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