Can a Great Culture Be Fostered While Driving High Performance in Software Engineering Delivery Teams?

BJSS Exalto May Event 2024

Exalto Consulting and BJSS share insights on their upcoming event, Cultivating Excellence: Building and leading high performing teams.

High pressure delivery environments, whether in technology, software, or other walks of life, often come with strict deadlines, pressure and long hours of work.

A performance focused team, or organisation, often has a “delivery at all costs” mentality, and whilst this may deliver results in the short term this isn’t always the best approach for retaining a great culture and a happily engaged workforce.

According to Gallups “State of the Global Workforce” survey 2023, only 10% of the UK’s workforce are actively engaged. According to Gallup, engaged employees are psychological owners and drive performance, innovation and move the organisation forward.

The report also suggests that better leadership and coaching can lead to stronger company cultures, which can create better levels of staff engagement and in turn help to drive greater company performance.

BJSS have nearly 30 years of experience blending software engineering delivery with cultivating the right culture to grow sustainably as a business.

Exalto Consulting specialise in helping organisations build high performing technology teams through their offerings in recruitment, coaching and advisory services. They also have a podcast, Culture Corner, in which Technology Leaders discuss successes, and lessons learned, in trying to create great cultures in technology teams.

Whilst chatting recently, the two organisations felt that an event that addressed culture in software delivery teams would be of interest and aligned to both organisations – hence the creation of Cultivating Excellence: Building and leading high performing teams.

“We’re proud to partner with BJSS to deliver an event that aligns to our company mission of helping customers source, build and retain high performing technology teams. We’ve got a stellar line up of speakers and panellists and it promises to be a great evening.”

James Milner, Managing Director of Exalto

The evening promises food and networking as well as hearing about invaluable insights into fostering positive cultures, along with real life examples of how to nurture and sustain motivated, successful teams from keynote speakers and panellists.

How Do I Sign Up?

There will be panellists and keynote speakers from BJSS, EMIS, ASDA, Specsavers and Glean.

Sign up online here.

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