Everything you need to know about UK Tech Week

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A nationwide tech week is set to launch this April, celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship across the country. We unpack what UK Tech Week is and what this means for the Leeds tech community.

The UK’s tech sector currently sits as the third-largest in the world, behind the US and China.

But in order to maintain this position, tech professionals must continue to push the boundaries of innovation. Enter UK Tech Week, a conduit for tech collaboration across the country, landing 23 April to 25 April.

What is UK Tech Week?

UK Tech Week is a new initiative that aims to showcase the tech innovation, expertise, and talent that exists across the nation and to champion the vibrant technological ecosystem that spans the UK.

The UK is full of dynamic tech events and gatherings that spotlight the pioneering individuals, initiatives and organisations driving their respective regions forward, and the inaugural UK Tech Week promises to be a gathering of brilliant minds, cutting-edge technologies, and insightful discussions.

Much like Leeds Digital Festival, the event offers a wider platform for major networking opportunities, collaboration, learning, and discovering the latest innovations driving the technology sector forward.

“The UK Tech Cluster group champions local tech ecosystems around the country. We’re delighted to support UK Tech Week as it helps shine a light on all the amazing tech-focused festivals and events across the UK”.

Katie Gallagher OBE, chair of the UK Tech Cluster Group

Who’s Involved in UKTW?

Participating locations include Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, Humber, Manchester and yet-to-be-determined cities in the North East, with support from existing regional organisations such as:

Leeds Digital Festival and UKTW Collaboration

“We want to bring events and organisations together to shout about the talent and innovation we have everywhere. Tech in the UK can be found in every town and city and we want to highlight it, from the smallest event to the largest.”

Stuart Clarke MBE, Leeds Digital Festival Director

… but, what are the key benefits of attending?

Benefits of UK Tech Week

UK Tech Week will play a crucial role in advancing the UK’s tech industry, driving innovation, and fostering growth within the UK and beyond. Here’s what you can expect from year one:

Diverse Speaker Lineup / Diverse Events

With events spanning the length of the country and hosted by a broad range of organisations, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights from a diverse selection of industry experts, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders.

Networking Opportunities

The event will bring cross-regional innovation and collaboration to the forefront, and attendees can expect to rub shoulders with fellow tech enthusiasts, potential partners and industry professionals from all around the UK.

Collaboration and Partnerships

UK Tech Week’s focus on connecting the country’s regional tech ecosystems will help to facilitate collaboration among industry stakeholders, build relationships with businesses, academic institutions, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations to drive innovation and address common challenges.

Promotion of the Tech Ecosystem

Showcasing the strength of the UK’s technology sector, the UK Tech Week programme will see it’s event partners come together in a collaborative effort to promote the country as a hub for tech innovation, entrepreneurship, talent and future inward investment.

Positive Economic Impact

Large-scale tech events like this can also contribute to the economy by attracting visitors, supporting local businesses, and stimulating innovation and growth within the tech sector.

Final Thoughts

UK Tech Week 2024 promises to be a pivotal opportunity for anyone passionate about technology, bringing several key leaders of tech in the UK under one roof.

From keynotes to panels and lunch-and-learns, all covering the latest trends and innovations within UK tech, expect to close out UK Tech Week with brand new insights and countless valuable connections.

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