Generative AI: What Every Leader Should Know

  • Author Chara Kalemaki, Calls9

  • 28.03.2024

Leading digital transformation agency, Calls9, highlights the fundamentals of GenAI, the path to creating an effective strategy, and how this cutting-edge technology can enhance human creativity.

Have you heard about Generative AI (GenAI)? Of course, you have. The real question is, what are you doing about it?

In an era where everyone is talking about GenAI, information is everywhere but real guidance is scarce. Enter Calls9, leading digital transformation agency, who have combined their vast years of experience into The Ultimate GenAI Guide. This practical, jargon-free resource was created for leaders by leaders who are eager to act now.

In their latest blog post, Adam Roney unpacks the fundamentals of GenAI, underscoring its strategic importance, practical implementation, and the challenges leaders face in its adoption.

Introduction to Generative AI

The global GenAI market worthed over $13 billion in 2023 and is expected to surpass $22 billion in 2025 (Precedence Research).

But what is it really?

At its core, Generative AI encompasses a suite of technologies capable of producing new content, such as text, images, and even code, by learning from vast amounts of data.

Unlike conventional AI, which operates within predefined rules, GenAI exhibits the unique ability to create original outputs, mimicking the nuances of human creativity. Innovations such as the Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) for text and DALL-E for images exemplify the capabilities of GenAI, offering organisations tools to boost efficiency, spur innovation, and deliver enhanced customer experiences. Embracing GenAI is not merely adopting new technology, but a strategic move to gain a competitive advantage and be amongst the leaders in your industry.

So, how do you do you start?

Creating Successful GenAI Strategies

The journey towards leveraging GenAI starts by developing your strategy. A well-crafted GenAI strategy aligns with the organisation’s broader goals, ensuring that GenAI applications contribute meaningfully to operational efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage.

In the new Ultimate GenAI Guide, this process is reviewed step-by-step, starting with auditing your current technological capabilities and identifying potential areas where GenAI can offer significant benefits. Following this, there is a focus on setting clear objectives, identifying and prioritising use cases, and formulating a roadmap that outlines the deployment, testing, and scaling of GenAI solutions.

And let’s not forget that each phase of this strategy should be underpinned by considerations of ethical use, data security, and regulatory compliance, ensuring that GenAI applications are practical but also responsible and sustainable.

Implementing GenAI in Your Organisation

Having completed your strategy, you will have identified and prioritised the GenAI use cases that will help you achieve your business goals. For example, developing a GenAI Agent to improve your customer service. The next step is to turn use cases from concepts to real GenAI solutions.

The Ultimate GenAI Guide, explores the implementation process step-by-step, helping you to understand and pick the right models, using a checklist and provide a comparison table to help you evaluate between proprietary vs. open-source models, weighing considerations such as cost, customisation, and applicability to business functions. The guide will also help you pick the right development method based on your organisation’s strategic objectives, resource capabilities, and the technical landscape.

Mitigating GenAI Challenges

As with any technology, there are certain challenges that you need to expect and overcome for your GenAI solutions to be successful. From data security and infrastructure to addressing talent shortages and navigating a complex regulatory environment, our main aim is to help businesses anticipate and successfully overcome these risks by providing actionable tips for technical, regulatory, and ethical challenges.

Confidently navigate the future with GenAI

By embracing lifelong learning, fostering a growth mindset, developing critical thinking skills, cultivating ethical awareness, fostering collaboration and diversity, and embracing adaptability, we can navigate the evolving tech landscape with resilience.

In an easy-to-understand format and non-jargon language, Calls9 has developed a guide that will help you understand how to:

  • Successfully use Generative AI within your organisation to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Develop a successful GenAI strategy
  • Build GenAI solutions
  • Create a compelling GenAI business case.
  • Mitigate regulatory, ethical, and technical challenges

For more information about The Ultimate GenAI Guide, please download it here.

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