University of Leeds Click Start programme aims to launch 25k tech careers

Click Start Next Level 2024 Programme

The University of Leeds is offering 30 FREE online courses, helping young people aged 16-30 explore a career in tech and improve their professional skills.

The University of Leeds has partnered with the online learning platform Coursera to offer 30 online courses designed to help young people in the UK explore exciting careers in tech! 

Learn to code online for FREE!

A limited number of Click Start scholarships are available, which give three months of free access to young people in the UK who are underrepresented in tech careers. Eligibility criteria applies.

Learn in-demand skills, from coding to CV writing

Hosted on Coursera, the Click Start programme includes beginner-friendly courses across 4 different categories.

Technical Skills – Learn about the technical skills you need to prepare for a career in tech, from programming to cryptography.
How To Get into Tech – Discover how to succeed in emerging industries, including blockchain and AI.
Professional Skills – Improve your professional and leadership skills, and take your first steps towards the new career of your dreams!
Personal Development – Gain life-changing skills that will help to build your confidence and focus on your goals.

Why Choose Click Start?

Click Start is a game-changer for young adults seeking better job prospects and improved pay in the digital industries. Here’s why:

It’s completely free! We understand the financial challenges many young people face in today’s economy. That’s why we’re proud to offer Click Start at absolutely no cost. It’s a golden opportunity for young people to get the right skills for free!
It Has It All! Click Start is a full package, designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today’s job market. Whether it’s mastering digital tools, gaining coding skills, or building essential soft skills and preparing for interviews.

To get free access, simply fill in the eligibility checker.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

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