Predicting 2024 Trends in Digital PR

Aimee, Digital PR Lead at Hatch

Aimee Crossland, Digital PR Lead at Hatch, predicts the trends we’ll see in the digital PR industry this year, with everything from AI to audience insights taking centre stage.

As we kick off 2024 and ready ourselves for another year in digital PR, it’s time to consider what the industry will look like over the next 12 months.

2023 brought with it an influx of AI tools, with PR’s getting to grips with the best use and ethics, along with the changing landscape of search engines, with the rise of TikTok. But what do we anticipate this year will bring?

Audience is everything

Creating a campaign that resonates with a brands’ audience is nothing new, but in 2024, deeper insights will be pivotal to understanding not only who you’re talking to, but where we need to talk to them, and what they want to see on different channels.

Understand your audiences preferences and align these with keyword analysis and search intent to deliver campaigns across different channels and get the best results.

Integrated channels

Your digital PR strategy in 2024 needs to look further than press releases and comments, and instead we need to be integrating other channels into our search led strategies. With the launch of Google Perspectives, UGC, video and opinion-led content all have propensity to rank, and we need to be ready for it.

Social videos generate around 1200% more shares than images and text posts combined*, and with the opportunity to drive organic rankings, cross channel campaigns are going to be hugely important in 2024.

Real world vs digital

After reliability, the most important characteristic consumers value is authenticity*. This means considering your messaging, brand values and consistency in everything you do, both on and offline.

While you can’t get a link from an in person event, it doesn’t mean there isn’t digital value to be had!

You can support your event or activation with online teasers, or follow up with case studies or wrap up information. Just remember to keep your digital objectives and strategy in mind when elevating a real world campaign to digital.


2023 has definitely been the year AI took over, with people turning to a variety of AI powered tools to make life easier and more efficient, and the same has been true in the digital PR world. While the question on many people’s minds has been, ‘Will AI Replace Me?’ we needn’t worry.

Human generated content is still as valuable as ever, and personally I would recommend avoiding tools such as Chat GPT to generate content, which can contain bias, inaccuracies and outdated information. Instead, turn to these tools for tasks such as keyword research, inspiration and data analysis.

Moving into 2024 we also need to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Google’s Generative AI which could change the way we interact with the SERPs. In short, as Digital PR’s we need to keep curating campaigns which tick E-E-A-T across the board.

Reactive strategies

Generating results through reactive PR is nothing new, but in 2024 could be the difference between good results that one’s that wow. In 2023 we’ve seen more PRs join the industry, and sadly at the same time, journalist redundancies, which means it’s becoming increasingly harder to cut through to the media.

Responding to in the moment news, providing expertise and something journalists want in the here and now could be a great way to secure coverage and links. Remember to prepare ahead of time for ‘reactive’ events that happen every year.

In addition to being reactive to the news agenda, you should also consider how you can be reactive to your websites current performance. Curate campaigns which align with your current keyword ranking performance, responding to any changes.


The way we report on digital PR has changed over the last few years, and now more than ever we need to showcase the true value of our work with data and real tangible metrics that mean something. Long gone are the days of counting follow links, brands want to see more insights for their money, and we have a whole range of data points ready and waiting.

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