Tackling the Rise of Targeted Ransomware Attacks

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Stats from Fortinet’s Global Threat report shows that ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly undetectable and sophisticated. Read on as JungleIT explores this further...

In the first half of 2023, ransomware attacks rose by 13-fold, while the detection rate dropped from 22% to 13%.

This exposes a worrying trend: ransomware attacks are becoming more targeted, sophisticated, and dangerous.

As ransomware attacks become more focused and prevalent, there are several points that we need to be mindful of:

  1. Cyber attackers can make personally targeted schemes. These cyber attacks are harder to spot and more likely to work if they focus on vulnerable victims.
  2. Targeted ransomware can significantly damage an organisation by shutting down integral services, leaking private information, and ruining the organisation’s reputation.
  3. These attacks often exploit unique weaknesses to get around standard defenses, leaving businesses open and vulnerable.
  4. The considerable rise of targeted ransomware shows how vital it is to have a proactive, multifaceted security system. Unfortunately, many organisations have inadequate security protection to prevent these ransomware attacks.
  5. The seven-step cyber security framework from Jungle IT uses an adaptive, in-depth defense approach to enable our customers to deal with the risks of targeted ransomware attacks.

The Elements of a Quality Security Framework

  • Holistic Approach: A robust security framework doesn’t focus on individual solutions. Instead, it uses a seven-layered approach that protects against various cyber threats.
  • Adaptive Monitoring and Reaction: Continuous monitoring and real-time reaction mechanisms are used to find and stop threats straight away. This approach protects against the knowledge that targeted ransomware is tailored to individual users.
  • Data and Communication Protection: Our security framework reduces the risk of data loss and unauthorised entry by emphasising protecting confidential data and monitoring communication channels.
  • Strong Authentication Measures: Using multi-factor authentication and identity verification methods adds another line of defense against targeted ransomware, ensuring that only people who are supposed to have access can get in.

We know that targeted ransomware attacks are increasingly common. The reality is, ransomware attacks are a clear and present danger that needs a strong reaction. The seven-layer security framework that Jungle IT uses is a thorough and proactive way to protect against these changing threats.

Knowing that ransomware attacks are getting smarter, organisations need to employ a framework that offers a way to defend against them. Our approach builds resilience across the entire organisation by utilising a strategy with many parts.

Implement a Cyber Security Culture

At Jungle IT, we’re serious about protecting businesses from the complex and always-changing risks of the digital age. It’s not just a solution we provide; it’s a journey towards a safer digital world that constantly changes and adapts.

In a world where targeted ransomware attacks are on the rise, Jungle IT’s security framework offers a way to improve security, resilience, and trust.

To find out how to improve your Cyber Security, visit the JungleIT cyber maturity assessment here.

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