Spotlight On: Deb Hetherington

Leeds Digital Director and Head of Innovation at bruntwood SciTech, Deb Hetherington, unpacks what makes Leeds such a thriving hub for tech, and the importance of backing female founders.

In the latest episode of our Spotlight Series we caught up with Deb Hetherington, Leeds Digital Director and Head of Innovation at bruntwood SciTech – the UK’s largest property provider for science and technology businesses.

More than a developer, since 2018 Bruntwood SciTech have committed to building a network of innovation ecosystems across the country, creating specialist environments where science and technology businesses can form ,scale and grow.

Deb unpacks how the duality of universities providing highly-skilled graduates and access to both inward and local investment in Leeds create the perfect storm when it comes to establishing a thriving tech hub. We also cover the Female Founders Incubator pilot which, having successfully launched in 2022, will continue to run and support female entrepreneurs across the Leeds City Region.

“I think Leeds is a really thriving tech hub because we have so many high-demand skills coming out of the universities and working their way around the ecosystem. That attracts a lot of inward investment and local investment as well, which helps those tech businesses within the region to grow and scale.”

Watch the full interview below (*you may need to enable cookies first to view):

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